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Why travel to Antarctica?

Why travel to Antarctica?

Antarctica is not only far away from everything, it is quite inhospitable as well. And still, people dream about visiting the continent covered by a thick ice shield. So why would you want to take the hassle and try to get there?


  • you love nature and wildlife
  • you enjoy exploring new territories
  • the wildlife is stunning
    Credit: Hapag-Lloyd Cruisesbre1
  • the icebergs will sweep you off your feet
    Credit: Hapag-Lloyd Cruisesantarktis_pinguine2
  • the penguins are just adorable
    Credit: Hapag-Lloyd Cruisesbre_buckelwal2bre_buckelwal
  • there is the best whale watching
    Credit: Hapag-Lloyd Cruises
  • you are a passionate photographer
    Credit: Hapag-Lloyd Cruisesbre_eisbergeweddellmeer
  • it is one of the top destinations to visit right now
  • it is a life changing experience
  • you will NEVER forget those priceless moments on land and in the water
    Credit: Hapag-Lloyd Cruises

How to get to Antarctica

The early explorers Roald Amundsen and Sir Ernest Shackleton fought their way to Antarctica. Today, the best way to visit Antarctica is with an expedition cruise. They usually leave from Ushuaia, Argentina. You bring your transport and accommodation along with lecturers. And you leave nothing behind.

The cruise vessels offering expeditions in polar regions need to have the highest ice class. These ships can operate in ice up to 1 metre without the help of ice breakers. The hull is thicker and the structure overall is a lot stronger compared to regular ships.


Credit: Hapag-Lloyd Cruises

What to expect

You travel in the Antarctic summer. Only then, 2 percent of the land is exposed and ice free. Thousands of penguins breed and raise their young ones on the peninsula. Abundant krill provides enough food for whales in the Antarctic waters. You will observe seals in the natural habitat. Weddel seals with their cute big round eyes, the enormous Southern Elephant seals and the Leopard seal are there. Already on the passage to Antarctica, you might see a Wandering albatross.

What a spectacle!

Credit: Silversea Expeditions