The perfect designer wedding cake

by Colleen Brent

So you set a wedding date and already started planning your special day. Check-lists are in your mind day and night. All is going to plan, except for the wedding cake. You have that idea others might call crazy simply because it is not the standard three tier levels with white fondant covering a tasty chocolate cake. And you are right, because the bridal gown and the wedding cake are the two things everybody remembers long after the wedding took place.


You want a designer cake?

You shall have it. There are a few things to keep in mind though.

Find the right baker

Designing your perfect wedding cake is a task only specially qualified bakers can master. Baking tasty and well designed cakes is an art that takes time.

Check out websites, see different designs, ask bakers for references, talk to your wedding planner and read reviews. Contact us

Cake tasting sessions

A wedding cake not only has to look fantastic, it has to taste great too. It is important that you have a cake tasting session with the bakery of your choice. The wedding theme will influence the cake shape, flavours and the decoration.

Book early

Designer cakes are in high demand and baker’s usually are booked month’s ahead.


Designer cakes are elaborate and cost more than standard cakes. Prices depend on  size, ingredients and decoration. Have a final quote before your book the cake.


The better you brief your baker, the more your wishes can be incorporated into your designer wedding cake. Keep your baker updated about the venue, transport requirements and the time schedule of your wedding day.

Most cake designer offer several design templates. You can chose different cake shapes, numbers of tier levels, flavours and decoration. Weddings

Your wedding day

Finally, you celebrate with family and friends your special day. And there is that stunning designer wedding cake you have been dreaming about. It will impress you and your guests with its looks and flavours.

Come and share your wishes with us. Cakealicious Cakes creates cakes to suit any budget.

Contact us


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