Cakealicious Bake Off – Fundraiser Event 18. February 2017


by Colleen Brent

Next Saturday, February 18, 2017 Cakealicious Cakes will hold the first ever Cakealicious Bake Off Fundraiser in Dunedin. All money collected that day will go towards the Child Cancer Foundation.


When a child falls ill, the family’s daily life often changes drastically. When the youngest child of a close friend recently fell ill, the family needed someone to look after their older children. Friends and family help now taking their “shifts”.

Support is needed at home, in hospital and in the community. Not all families can rely on such a big network of private support. This is where you can help with the Bake Off Fundraiser. The money will help families to get nannies, housekeepers, night watch, special equipment for the home and other support measures.

Cakealicious Bake Off Fundraiser

We love everything about Cakes. And we know you have your hearts at the right spot. Cakealicious Cakes wants to join forces with you and do something good for others less fortunate.

If you want to support others, come and participate. A fun day awaits you. Bake with your friends and neighbours for a good cause. Treat yourself and taste some wonderful cakes.


Cakealicious Cakes
Corner High St/Princess St
Dunedin, 9016


Saturday, 18. February 2017, 07.00 – 16.00hrs

How you can participate

  • Become a baker yourself and create Cakealicious Cakes with professional bakers
  • Be generous and buy those fantastic “creations of the day”
  • Enjoy the Cakealicious Cakes in our pop-up cafe

Become a baker yourself

Enjoy the fun and be there early morning to get the Bake Off started. You will bake together with Colleen and her team and also have a go at decorating the cakes. The first shift starts at 04.00 hrs and you can bake till 16.00 hrs. To keep a steady flow in the bakery, please sign up by phone or mail. Contact us

Your participation as a baker is free

Cakelicious Cakes charges the regular prices for cakes and drinks.  Donations are most  welcome.

Pop-up café

Bring your friends and family along and enjoy the sweet treats right in the Bake Off Pop-up café. You can chose from a big variety  of Cakealicious Cakes, pastries and cookies.

Be there and have fun

For this big event, Cakealicious Cakes will need as many volunteers as possible as we expect all Dunedin to show up for the event. So, don’t hesitate and be there.

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2 thoughts on “Cakealicious Bake Off – Fundraiser Event 18. February 2017

  1. cakealiciouscakesconz

    I really enjoyed the sentiment of your blog. As a business you show an excellent focus on your community. Child Cancer certainly needs more community and philanthropic people to give their this wonderful cause. Some people dont know how to contribute if they too need to be careful with their money, this way many more people who cannot contribute with $$’s can contribute and help using their talents and time. They can be volunteers, marketers in encouraging their friends to bake, help or buy the products. What an fabulous idea. I personally love baking cakes and decorating them but to make them with expertise bakers from Cakealicious Cakes that would be such an added bonus. Put me down I will be there on the day and I will encourage my friends to participate and to help you and this great cause.
    Anna GY


    1. marliessuhner Post author

      Hi Anna,

      thank you very much for your kind feedback.

      We all are looking forward to have you on board next Saturday. With your help and the help of your friends, it will be a fantastic day.

      Kind regards,

      Colleen Brent
      Cakealicious Cakes, Owner

      Liked by 1 person


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