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Stunning cakes from award winning baker

Colleen Brent, founder and owner of Cakealicious Cakes shares her passion for high-quality cakes with her team. We only use the best ingredients and flavours to bake perfect cakes. Outstanding designs paired with extremely detailed cake decorations result in heavenly cakes. Our cakes not only look fantastic, they are very tasty as well.



You are planning your wedding and you envision a special cake? Surprise your friends and family with a stunning cake. We are happy to realise it for you.


Baby shower

A baby shower without a cake? Impossible! Chose from our beautiful designs or share your ideas with us to have that ultimate cake for your baby shower.


Children party and celebrations

Your are in the middle of planning your child’s birthday party and need professional support to get that shaped cake your child has been talking about for weeks already?

You are launching a new product with an celebration event for clients and the press?

We love cake challenges.



  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Fruits (Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Kiwi, Orange, Lemon, Mango, Cherry, Hazelnut and many more)
  • Moccha



  • Sugar
  • Caramel
  • Fondant
  • Buttercreme


Award winning baker

Colleen is a member of International Union of Bakers and Confectioners (IUBC). In 2008 she won the UIBC Junior World Championship for Confectioners in Stockholm, Sweden. She is a member of the New Zealand Cake Decorators Guild and won multi awards for her craft.


Whatever you are celebrating, we will create the ultimate cake for you. Come and see us.


Request a quote

Contact us to discuss your ideas. Use this link to tell us your ideas and to request a quote.


Cake tasting session

Come and try yourself. Use this link to request an appointment for a cake tasting session in our bran new shop in downtown Dunedin.




Why travel to Antarctica?

Why travel to Antarctica?

Antarctica is not only far away from everything, it is quite inhospitable as well. And still, people dream about visiting the continent covered by a thick ice shield. So why would you want to take the hassle and try to get there?


  • you love nature and wildlife
  • you enjoy exploring new territories
  • the wildlife is stunning
    Credit: Hapag-Lloyd Cruisesbre1
  • the icebergs will sweep you off your feet
    Credit: Hapag-Lloyd Cruisesantarktis_pinguine2
  • the penguins are just adorable
    Credit: Hapag-Lloyd Cruisesbre_buckelwal2bre_buckelwal
  • there is the best whale watching
    Credit: Hapag-Lloyd Cruises
  • you are a passionate photographer
    Credit: Hapag-Lloyd Cruisesbre_eisbergeweddellmeer
  • it is one of the top destinations to visit right now
  • it is a life changing experience
  • you will NEVER forget those priceless moments on land and in the water
    Credit: Hapag-Lloyd Cruises

How to get to Antarctica

The early explorers Roald Amundsen and Sir Ernest Shackleton fought their way to Antarctica. Today, the best way to visit Antarctica is with an expedition cruise. They usually leave from Ushuaia, Argentina. You bring your transport and accommodation along with lecturers. And you leave nothing behind.

The cruise vessels offering expeditions in polar regions need to have the highest ice class. These ships can operate in ice up to 1 metre without the help of ice breakers. The hull is thicker and the structure overall is a lot stronger compared to regular ships.


Credit: Hapag-Lloyd Cruises

What to expect

You travel in the Antarctic summer. Only then, 2 percent of the land is exposed and ice free. Thousands of penguins breed and raise their young ones on the peninsula. Abundant krill provides enough food for whales in the Antarctic waters. You will observe seals in the natural habitat. Weddel seals with their cute big round eyes, the enormous Southern Elephant seals and the Leopard seal are there. Already on the passage to Antarctica, you might see a Wandering albatross.

What a spectacle!

Credit: Silversea Expeditions


Safari. Mystery and excitement.

Safari! No other word thrills the soul of a traveller quit like this one.


The Swahili word “safari” has its roots in Arabic (“safar”) and  originally means “journey”. In English though, the word “safari” stands for adventure travel in remote areas in Africa and other regions of the world which are the habitat of many wild animals.


In colonial times, a safari was a hunting and nature expedition. The European expeditions first only explored Southern Africa when colonising the continent from Cape Town. Eastern Africa then was an Arabic stronghold. Only much later, it became the hunters paradise.


Credit: Private Safari

Modern Safari

Today, wildlife observation and photography continue to boost the safari industry, which evolved over the last decades. Travelling became more affordable. Intercontinental flights cut travel time. And plenty of companies offer their services from transportation and accommodation to rangers guiding bush walks. The dream to catch the “Big Five” in their natural habitat can come true for many people.

And there are also highly luxury safaris in a private jet. Modern safari caters to all requirements and wallets.


Credit: andBeyond

The Big Five

Lion, African elephant, buffalo, leopard and rhino are together the “Big Five”. If you are new to safari, they might be your goal for your first journey through the African bush. Once you hear the roar of a lion you might completely forget that you wanted to take  that ultimate picture to show your friends at home. The excitement that builds when you track wild animals is hard to describe. You pulse gets faster when the sun sets turning  stunning landscapes in sheer gold while you hear the wildlife around you.

Credit: andBeyond

Conservation and ecotourism

Conservation is a key factor in modern safari. Companies like “andBeyond” and “Wilderness Safari” implemented ecotourism into their daily business. Education plays an important role amongst guests and local communities. Guest learn along their safari about the fragile ecosystem in the Okavango Delta, for example. Using a traditional Mokoro (wooden canoe, standing at the stern pushing a pole) allows a different access to the wildlife in the shallow waters.

Credit: Classic Africa.

Highly addictive

Be warned: going on safari is highly addictive. Whether it is the unique smells of the bush, the dramatic landscapes or the unique wildlife. There is no other place in the world that stirs the senses quite like Africa. If you allow it, it will invade your memory and never let go of you.













Beautiful Botswana

The perfect designer wedding cake

by Colleen Brent

So you set a wedding date and already started planning your special day. Check-lists are in your mind day and night. All is going to plan, except for the wedding cake. You have that idea others might call crazy simply because it is not the standard three tier levels with white fondant covering a tasty chocolate cake. And you are right, because the bridal gown and the wedding cake are the two things everybody remembers long after the wedding took place.


You want a designer cake?

You shall have it. There are a few things to keep in mind though.

Find the right baker

Designing your perfect wedding cake is a task only specially qualified bakers can master. Baking tasty and well designed cakes is an art that takes time.

Check out websites, see different designs, ask bakers for references, talk to your wedding planner and read reviews. Contact us

Cake tasting sessions

A wedding cake not only has to look fantastic, it has to taste great too. It is important that you have a cake tasting session with the bakery of your choice. The wedding theme will influence the cake shape, flavours and the decoration.

Book early

Designer cakes are in high demand and baker’s usually are booked month’s ahead.


Designer cakes are elaborate and cost more than standard cakes. Prices depend on  size, ingredients and decoration. Have a final quote before your book the cake.


The better you brief your baker, the more your wishes can be incorporated into your designer wedding cake. Keep your baker updated about the venue, transport requirements and the time schedule of your wedding day.

Most cake designer offer several design templates. You can chose different cake shapes, numbers of tier levels, flavours and decoration. Weddings

Your wedding day

Finally, you celebrate with family and friends your special day. And there is that stunning designer wedding cake you have been dreaming about. It will impress you and your guests with its looks and flavours.

Come and share your wishes with us. Cakealicious Cakes creates cakes to suit any budget.

Contact us

Cakealicious Bake Off – Fundraiser Event 18. February 2017


by Colleen Brent

Next Saturday, February 18, 2017 Cakealicious Cakes will hold the first ever Cakealicious Bake Off Fundraiser in Dunedin. All money collected that day will go towards the Child Cancer Foundation.


When a child falls ill, the family’s daily life often changes drastically. When the youngest child of a close friend recently fell ill, the family needed someone to look after their older children. Friends and family help now taking their “shifts”.

Support is needed at home, in hospital and in the community. Not all families can rely on such a big network of private support. This is where you can help with the Bake Off Fundraiser. The money will help families to get nannies, housekeepers, night watch, special equipment for the home and other support measures.

Cakealicious Bake Off Fundraiser

We love everything about Cakes. And we know you have your hearts at the right spot. Cakealicious Cakes wants to join forces with you and do something good for others less fortunate.

If you want to support others, come and participate. A fun day awaits you. Bake with your friends and neighbours for a good cause. Treat yourself and taste some wonderful cakes.


Cakealicious Cakes
Corner High St/Princess St
Dunedin, 9016


Saturday, 18. February 2017, 07.00 – 16.00hrs

How you can participate

  • Become a baker yourself and create Cakealicious Cakes with professional bakers
  • Be generous and buy those fantastic “creations of the day”
  • Enjoy the Cakealicious Cakes in our pop-up cafe

Become a baker yourself

Enjoy the fun and be there early morning to get the Bake Off started. You will bake together with Colleen and her team and also have a go at decorating the cakes. The first shift starts at 04.00 hrs and you can bake till 16.00 hrs. To keep a steady flow in the bakery, please sign up by phone or mail. Contact us

Your participation as a baker is free

Cakelicious Cakes charges the regular prices for cakes and drinks.  Donations are most  welcome.

Pop-up café

Bring your friends and family along and enjoy the sweet treats right in the Bake Off Pop-up café. You can chose from a big variety  of Cakealicious Cakes, pastries and cookies.

Be there and have fun

For this big event, Cakealicious Cakes will need as many volunteers as possible as we expect all Dunedin to show up for the event. So, don’t hesitate and be there.

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